100 Calorie Snacks That Will Keep You Full and Satisfied

Losing weight is a Herculean task for everyone. There’s only so much a person can do, but in the end, controlling one’s diet is the hardest of them all. And to be fit and healthy, the first thing to do is to eat healthily.

However, that does not mean that you have to say no to snacks. There are plenty of 100 calorie snacks that you can munch on without having to worry about your strict diet.

Here are some 100 calorie snack ideas that you can look upon on your weight loss journey.

100 Calorie Snacks To Keep You Going

1. Oven-Baked Zucchini Chips 

 Zucchini chips are one of the best things to eat when you’re craving a snack. A perfect 100 calorie snack, instead, 99 calorie snack to be precise, this is the go-to snack for foodies who can’t resist the temptation to snack but need to restrict themselves to a rigorous diet.

These crunchy, vegetable delights are much better than the oily chips sold on the market. It contains lots of essential nutrients and can help satisfy your cravings. You need to be a little patient as it takes time to cook zucchini chips, but it’s worth it! Super delicious, super healthy, and helpful for losing weight without having to say no to snacks.

To know how to prepare these zucchini chips, refer Skinnyms

2. ‘Three Fruit’ Fruit Salad

Credits: nhs.uk

Salads may seem tedious, but they are an exciting set of snacks on the list of 100 calorie snacks. A three-fruit salad, as its name suggests, contains three fruits. Wondering which three fruits are included?

These are the top three fruits to go for when you are on a weight loss journey and have to consume a 100 calorie snack. A ‘three fruit’ fruit salad can have seedless black grapes, apple, and pineapple. But in the end, what matters most is the quantity of each of the three fruits.

3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Cups

Credits: honestlyyum.com

Do people often accuse you of having a sweet tooth? No worries, here’s something fresh for you to enjoy. This recipe is beneficial for chocolate lovers too. Chocolate peanut butter banana cups sound heavy.

You may think it does not belong in a list of 100 calorie snacks, but it contains a surprisingly small 69 calories in all. Each bite is full of dark chocolate, topped with peanut butter for protein, banana for antioxidants, and coconut oil as a healthy substitute for butter.

Dark chocolate has lesser sugar content than milk chocolates and is rich in flavonoids, and the peanut butter melts in your mouth. Sounds tempting, right? Try this for yourself.

4.  Sweet Potato Fries 

When you are doing your best to eat healthily, it’s hard to give up on your favorite unhealthy delights. 

To all the fries lovers out there, we have got your back. Sweet potato is an excellent source for magnesium, vitamin D, and iron. It also helps your body function better. Fries made from sweet potato make up a tasty snack.

This can be considered a simple 100 calorie snack as it contains exactly 100 calories. So, if you love crispy fried food, this is the dish made especially for you. Eat plain or with ketchup; it’s up to you. You can sprinkle your favorite spices or enjoy it with homemade dips too.

5. Sweet Potato Chips 

Sweet potato can work wonders when you’re craving snacks while on a diet. One can always go for this one out of the wide variety of chips available. A sweet and savory snack puts traditional potato chips to shame. It is crispy and crunchy, and you can munch on it in spite of your healthy diet.

An exciting addition to any lunch, dinner parties, or cookouts, they pair perfectly with sandwiches and burgers. They can be eaten without any accompaniments, as well.  Containing only 58 calories, this is a perfect addition to the list of 100 calorie snacks.

6. Mini Quesadilla

Who would’ve thought that cheese would get a spot on this list? But, Containing exactly 100 calories with 1.3g of saturated fats, cheese quesadilla deserves a spot on this 100 calorie snack list. 

A simple recipe makes your taste buds tingle in anticipation and satisfies your tummy at the same time. It contains about 182mg of sodium and about 6mg of cholesterol.

Sprinkle an ounce of grated low-fat cheddar cheese over a corn tortilla. Fold in half and microwave for approximately 20 seconds.  And you are all set to make a quick, mouth-watering Mexican dish.

7. Cheese and Tomato Toastie 

Credits: foodnetwork.com

Healthy 100 calorie snacks are hard to find and can be insensitive to your taste buds. But rest assured, we have got your back with this cheese and tomato toastie. A very healthy yet tasty go-to dish.

As the name suggests, it mainly contains three ingredients: cheese, tomato, and toast, making it a delicious, easy to prepare 100 calorie snack.

 In spite of its simplicity, cheese, and tomato toastie is rich in ingredients. If you are a pizza lover, then this toastie is the perfect substitute for massive, calorie-rich pizzas.

8. Cheese Vegetable and Egg Muffin 

Muffins are so damn tasty but at the same time, a little unhealthy. So, what can be done if, on this weight loss journey, you want to indulge in muffins?

Here’s a solution to that: cheese vegetable and egg muffin snack. You can enjoy these muffins without having to worry about dietary restrictions. This healthy snack is filled with protein, veggies, and cheese.

The best item for breakfast, snack, or dinner, I find myself grabbing one of these little egg muffins here and there. Before a workout, after a workout, with dinner, for breakfast, in school lunches.

And as a bonus, these are gluten-free.  Now there’s no need for you to control your urge to munch on snacks to maintain your diet.

9.  Popcorns 

Popcorns are the must-have for any occasion. Whether it’s a movie night of weight loss goals, you can have popcorn at any time. Popcorns can be prepared in two minutes and will satisfy you for hours. Want to eat a quick pick snack? Go for popcorn always.

Easy to prepare and easy to finish too. A sizzling touch of butter, a pinch of salt, and your hot popcorn are ready to be savored. But make sure to keep track of serving too.

3 or 4 cups of popcorn will keep you on track and satisfy you at the same time. Less than that is ideal but never have more than 4 cups.

10. Skinny Monkey Cookies 

Want to eat cookies without consuming more calories or being bothered by your weight? Then these thin monkey cookies are the perfect solution for you in this 100 calorie snack list.

This is a healthy snack containing only 47 calories per cookie. These peanut butter cookies are tasty and diet-friendly. They boast of having zero cholesterol, 2g fats, 79mg potassium, 10mg sodium, and just 2g of sugar. 

So healthy yet tasty. These two words do not usually go hand-in-hand, but these cookies make it true. Just one bite of these will have you wanting more.

Now, to address the elephant in the room: how to make these cookies? Here’s the recipe for the same: Onceamonthmeals

11. Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Cookies

Credits: delish.com

I love cookies and naturally assume that everyone else loves cookies just as much as I do. I mean, who does not like cookies? And seriously, who can hate pumpkin cookies coupled with hot coffee in the cold weather. Wow, that sounds so tasty. So, think about how delicious it could be.

Eighty-nine calories and such a yummy snack. Who would believe these cookies are included in the list of 100 calorie snacks? But I must say this snack deserves a chance. You must give it a try even if you are not fond of pumpkin.

Cookies filled with flavors of pumpkin and spices topped with chocolate chips and served with love is the best evening snack.

12. Healthy Mug Brownie 

A great big brownie is like a treat to stomach and taste buds. Fluffy chocolate cake on the outside and creamy chocolate fudge on the inside. Feels like a high-calorie snack?

Not really, this snack has a surprisingly small 100 calorie count — a single serving of 100 calories in a mug that’s something akin to icing on the cake.

If you’ve ever counted calories, you’ll know you don’t get much food for 100 calories.

  • One tablespoon peanut butter
  • Four slices of turkey breast
  • 14 almonds
  • 28 grapes

All these foods work out at 100 calories each.

13. Corn Methi Kebab/Tikki 

A typical Indian snack for fried food lovers, these corn methi kebabs are a sumptuous yet healthy 100 calorie snack. Moreover, these can be eaten for breakfast. 

This savoring combination of methi and corn with potato is just too right to be true. You can always customize Indian snacks as per your tastes. You can make it spicier by adding a little spice, keep it a little dull and add salt to taste, or even add a few drops of lemon to give it a tangy zest. Eat with green chutney to add more flavor to the dish.

A simple dish with a low-calorie count; this dish is the perfect snack for people on a diet.

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