Top 10 Best Workout Songs of All Time (Motivational)

best workout songs of all time

To gain an ultimate experience with your workout sessions listen to the hip-hop music that will help you shake your body effortlessly. Include this music in your daily workouts to add spice to your daily gym regime. Create your own playlist and listen to the best workout songs that are motivating and quickest ways to … Read More

30 Day Exercise Challenge: How To Get Fit in 30 Days

30 Day Exercise Challenge for Weight Loss

Challenges are a great way to give one the motivation to start something new and work on it. Sometimes we’re super energetic and want to change our routine for good, we get up early to work out, eat healthily, and head to work. Other times we are just lazy and not motivated at all to … Read More

How To Lose Face Fat: 7 Effective Ways

how to lose face fat

Face is what people first notice when you meet them. Many people dream of having sexy facial features, face cuts, chiseled jawline, high cheekbones, and so much more. It’s like these features have become the beauty standards which every girl dreams of.  And if you are too conscious about the chubby cheeks and double chin … Read More

7 Best Upper Body Workout for Women


Many of us prefer lower body workout than the upper body but this leaves us with a strong lower body and weak upper body. We generally ignore the upper body exercises because we actually have no idea what it targets and what are their benefits. Upper body workout targets body parts like back, shoulders, biceps, … Read More

7 Simple and Best Exercise for Love Handles

exercise for love handles

Love Handles are not lovely and definitely not cute.  What are Love Handles? You see that side part of the waist which hangs out of the jeans and tops… Yes, those are love handles. They are also called as muffin tops. Love handles are caused by the excess fat deposition on the sides of the … Read More