30 Day Exercise Challenge for Weight Loss

Challenges are a great way to give one the motivation to start something new and work on it.

Sometimes we’re super energetic and want to change our routine for good, we get up early to work out, eat healthily, and head to work.

Other times we are just lazy and not motivated at all to treat ourselves with healthy habits and just want to take those extra hours to nap a little more.

A challenge acts as a source of instigation and wants one to win the challenge which of course, in turn, becomes the motivation and reason to continue.

To go from old bad habits to new and healthy ones, one would need to plan and initiate the process and continue that for some time for those actions to turn into habits after all habits are not made in a day.

So, if one is looking for such a change of including exercise as a habit in their daily routine, then a 30-day exercise challenge can just be the right thing.

To start off with, take measurements of your weight, chest, hips, arms, thighs, etc. One may find it not so important but it can make one feel pumped up, even more, to continue working out when they see the result of their work out turning real.

The second step is to decide your personal goal, what is it that you want to achieve. It can be weight loss or get your legs in shape etc. Once you’re all set with the goal, find out the exercises that are in line with your goal.

30 Day Exercise Challenge for Weight Loss

Let’s get started.

1. High Knees Sprint

You don’t necessarily have to go out and run to do this. Just stand and sprint on the spot. In this exercise, one needs to bring their knees close to their chest. 1 knee rise is 1 rep. You can start with as low as 5 reps on the first day and 30-50 on the 30th day.

2. Jump Lunge

It’s a great lower body and a fantastic cardiovascular exercise which will help you strengthen your lower body muscles along with fat burn. To do a jump lunge follow the following steps:

  1. Stand on the ground keeping your feet shoulder wide apart. Keep your arms by your side and with your right leg take a step forward.
  2. Lean forward so your body weight shifts forward. In this process, your heel will touch the floor first.
  3. Your forward leg should be parallel to the floor. So, lower your body to such an extent.
  4. Jump in the air, switch the legs and repeat the above steps with your left leg forward.

Start with 5-6 reps on day 1 and increase gradually.

3. Squat Jack/Jump

It’s a great powerhouse for burning calories and losing fat. Stand with your feet shoulder wide apart and bend your knees so that your thighs are nearly parallel to the ground and bend your elbow close to your thighs, make a fist and hold it with another hand close to your chin.

Jump up, bring your legs together and clap your hands while in the air and land the squat position again. Start with doing it for 10-15 seconds and increase gradually.

4. Burpee

It is one of the most effective exercises for a full-body workout. All you have to do is stand with your feet shoulder wide apart, rest your hands flat on the ground and come into a squat position.

Come into a plank position with your back straight and legs stretched out, toes touching the ground. Jump back into the squat position with your hands still resting flat on the ground and then jump up stretch your hands straight up.

This completes 1 rep. Repeat the steps and start with 3-4 reps on your first day and increase as you get comfortable.

5. Pilate’s Teaser

This exercise is a little difficult but has amazing effects. One can start with doing one leg teaser Pilates. Lie down on the ground and bend your legs so that your feet are flat on the floor and knees up.

Bring one leg to a 45-degree angle to the ground. Lift your upper body to make an arch shape with your hands stretched parallel to the raised leg. You can also start by practicing the Pilates roll-up exercise – Lie down with legs stretched out and hands stretched out above your head.

Lift your upper body and bend so that your head is close to your knees and your hands close to your legs but parallel to them. 

6. Crunches

This is a simple exercise and yet an amazing exercise for burning belly fat. A beginner can start doing a crunch by lying down on the ground, knees bent and hands positioned beneath the lower back then gently life the head and shoulders hold the position for some time and relax back on the ground. 

Above are some exercises one can include in their work out schedule.

Go for a quick warm-up, maybe jog for some time and then start exercising. It is also very important that you keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of water before you head out to exercise.

Once you do these exercises continuously for 30 days then they’ll eventually get added in your daily routine and you’ll be habituated to work out every day. Above mentioned exercises can be easily done at home and do not need one to go out or pay hefty amounts to gyms to start working out.

While you’ll be busy working hard to win the challenge, these actions will crawl into your daily routine and become habits without you even realizing it and you’ll start doing it even after the challenge is complete. That’s the beauty of doing things repeatedly.

Let the 30 day exercise challenge bring you closer to a healthier lifestyle. A simple challenge can bring a lot of difference to one’s life.

Challenge yourself today for a better tomorrow. Stay fit!