Top 10 Best Workout Songs of All Time (Motivational)

To gain an ultimate experience with your workout sessions listen to the hip-hop music that will help you shake your body effortlessly. Include this music in your daily workouts to add spice to your daily gym regime.

Create your own playlist and listen to the best workout songs that are motivating and quickest ways to heal one’s body. There are hundreds of hip-hop songs that are said to be the best workout songs of all time.

Whether you are getting trained by any physical trainer or doing at your own they are must to jump start your veins to shake every part of your body that help you achieve your goal.

These workout songs are also very much inspiring which transform your look to wear a pair of shorts, taste whey protein instead of favorite dessert that help you start your workout to gain seamless results which will help you get notified by your friends and family members for your craze towards workout songs that are unbeatable to offer you great physique.

From ancient time music is admired as the divine power that when passed to your ears offer you an amazing experience to forget yourself among the crowd. When played they not only motivate you to come forward and accept the challenge with great confidence to fight with comeback spirit with simple background music that has a theme which exactly may reflect your own life to best face it.

Top 10 Best Workout Songs of All-Time (Listen Now)

Below is the list of top 10 best workout songs that are the all-time favorite to listen by fitness freaks.

Play them from your iPod or USB to rock in the gym or your balcony terrace to heat up your body to live a healthy lifestyle. They are:

1. ‘Take It to Da House’ – Trick Daddy

This hip hop song is a hot favorite of all boys and girls to bring them together and party out. The video features Trina and Trick Daddy at a pep rally of a high school is sure to offer upbeat and fun for a great workout. 

2. ‘Scenario’ – A Tribe Called Quest

Tribe is all famous for jazzed-out super-mellow tunes which made this hip hop song great posse cut to feature members of Leaders of New School. But that was not an exception for its softness, in no time it became the thumping workout track which also added Busta Rhymes.

3. ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’ – The Best Album of LL Cool J

This song was fourth studio album of LL Cool J who set status as a rap icon. As people saw muscular LL many people started self-customized exercise programs to stay healthy. Later in the ’90s, it became popular due to professional boxers who walked-to-the-ring with this song.

4. ‘Ante Up (Robbin Hoodz Theory)’ – M.O.P.

This song is sung by American hip hop duo M.O.P which got famous as insistent street anthem song that is group’s most popular song which is sure to make the listener go wild and hit a punching bag. When this hip hop song was released in 2000 it bagged 7th position in UK single chart.

5. ‘What You Know’ – T.I.

Recorded by T.I a southern hip hop recording artist, this song won the prestigious Grammy Awards. The whole video features bench-pressing by the lithe emcee that stood on 3rd position in the U.S. Nearly 2 million copies got sold since its release in the market. This hip hop song is best to push weight in a different way.

6. ‘Protect Ya Neck’ – Wu-Tang Clan

It is the first album of Wu-Tang which is a classic hip hop Wu song to really shake your body. It is also the debut album of all nine Wu-Tang members that is produced by RZA.

7. ‘The Choice Is Yours’ – Black Sheep

This song is all about a guy who is talking to a girl and expects her to pick up among the other guys. As you come across this single, it is sure to offer you a workout pace that chants the line of “engine, engine, and number nine”.

So why wait to pack your bag and get ready for that ultra-slim look which will help you get notified by your single with perfect muscles. 

8. ‘The New Workout Plan’ – Kanye West

It is a hip hop rapper song by Kanye West’s which got immense recognition as “The New Workout Plan” that is widely popular and played on rotation on iPods at many gyms all over the world. Accept his work out challenge based on your interest to tuck your tummy tight!

9. ‘Simon Says’ – Pharoahe Monch

It is a classic hip hop single of American rapper and record producer which was the best selling album to listen by many fitness freaks that speeds up their workout. It can also be streamed on Youtube.

10. ‘It Takes Two’ – Rob Base and D.J. EZ Rock

This song is sung by D.J. EZ Rock and New York hip hop duo Rob Base who got listed among top 40 singles. This super old-school classic duo hip hop song shook everybody up and moving. Add it in your playlist to kick start your workout.

Here are few other popular rap and hip hop singles which offer your perfect fun and energy to not your head and shake your hands and legs for an intensified workout that boosts your metabolism with a delicate hint of nostalgia all-time favorite among music lovers spread all across the world.

Few to name are:

‘Ruff Ryders’ Anthem,’ DMX, ‘Gonna Make You Sweat,’ C + C Music Factory, ‘Get Low,’ Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz, ‘King of Rock,’ Run DMC, ‘Here I Come,’ The Roots, ‘Slow Jamz,’ Twista Featuring Kanye West and Jamie Foxx and many more. 

Final Words

Had you chosen your workout plan? Still in progress then add these above-listed hip hop songs in your playlist that are all-time popular songs which when listened will jazz up your mood to get started your workout session immediately. Gain the desired body shape and muscles to influence your single and become a role model for others to stay fit and healthy.

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