HIIT Workout

If you want to reduce weight, nothing can be as fruitful as HIIT workout routine for beginners. However, an extensive workout may affect the beginners initially. Further, HIIT workout comes with proper diet and if you are starting your work out journey for the very first time, such a rigorous routine can affect your physique and discourage you to continue workout for a long time. 

No worry. We got you covered. In this article, we will discuss the top 15 HIIT workout routine for beginners that you must follow and get the dream body you wanted forever. 

So, let’s dive in!

All the HIIT exercises require you to do it thrice in the following order – 10 reps for the first set, 15reps for the second set, and 20 reps for the third set. Make sure to complete the exercises before you start to repeat them for the second and third rounds and increase the number of rests.

Also, ensure that you don’t take any rest between the exercises as rest will loose your trite muscles. 

HIIT Workout Routine for Beginners: 15 Easy Exercises

1. Burpees

Hiit Workout Routine for Beginners Burpees
Credits: oaktreehealth

Stand in a partial squat position. Now ensure to keep the spine in a neutral way. Keep the entire body weight on the heels and pinch back shoulders. Push out the buttocks and keep the arms in the front. 

Now touch the floor with your palms by maintaining the squat position. Support the ower part of the body by stretching the legs behind. Keep the toes fixed on the floor.

Now give some push-ups and flex the elbows. Touch the floor with the help of the chest and get back to the squat position. 

2. High Knees

Hiit Workout Routine for Beginners High Knees
Credits: popsugar

Stand straight and keep the legs and shoulder-width apart. Now look to the front. Jump and bring the right knee to the front and place the right foot on the floor. 

Now do the second step with your left leg by keeping the right leg in position. Keep on doing this alternatively and once you get a hang of it, do it at a fast pace. It should look somewhat like jogging. 

3. Split Jumps

Split Jumps
Credits: Gethealthyu

Stand straight by keeping your legs and shoulder-width apart. Now put the left leg in the front and keep the spine straight. Now flex the knees and get down. Now jump and just before landing, straighten the right leg to the front and keep the left one perpendicular to the ground.  

Keep doing this alternatively at a high intensity. 

4. Up and Out Jump

Up and Out Jump
Credits: popsugar

Stand straight with the feet and hip-width apart and keep your shoulders in a tension free way. Now look ahead. Jump to move both the feet apart from each other and move the hands from the side to top of your head. And then jump again to bring the feet and hands to the starting position. 

Simultaneously keep doing this in a non-exhaustive manner till you get tired. 

5. Mountain Climbers 

Mountain Climbers
Credits: gethealthyu

Get to the plank position. Place the hand wider than your shoulder. Now draw the right knee closing towards the chest but make sure not to lift the hips.

Now bring back the right leg to the initial position and do the same with the left knee. Do this in a high speed once you get a hang of it. And make sure not to lift the hips. 

6. Rope Jump 

Hiit Workout Routine for Beginners Rope Jump
Credits: hbfit

Stand straight and keep the elbows near to the torso. Now start rope jumping at a slower pace. Now gradually change the normal jumps to a one-legged jump. And keep alternating the right and left leg. 

Jump forward and backward alternatively and then left and right. Make sure to not to catch an injury while exercising.

7. Push-Ups 

Hiit Workout Routine for Beginners Push-Ups
Credits: popsugar

This is one of the most traditional and crucial exercises in the HIIT session. Lie down on your stomach and gradually lift your body by keeping the bodyweight on the palms and toes touching the ground. 

Maintain regular inhaling and exhaling while doing the exercise. Don’t touch the knees to the floor.

8. Walking Lunges

Walking Lunges
Credits: gethealthyu

Stand straight by keeping the spine neutral. Now bend one knee and take a leap forward. Now alter to another knee and take a leap forward with the knee. You can hold a kettlebell on the hand. Now while walking, keep the kettlebell in the alternative hands.

That means when you are taking a leap forward with the right knee, hold the bell in the left hand, and place the left knee while holding the bell in the right hand. Make sure to do this transition at a fast pace. 

9. Explosive Lunges

 Hiit Workout Routine for Beginners Explosive Lunges
Credits: zoomzee

Once you get the idea of walking lunges, it’s time to take the exercise to the next level with explosive lunges. This is also known as jumping lunges. 

Stand straight and put the right foot in the front. Now keep the left femur in a perpendicular position to the ground. Now get back to the initial position and jump by placing your hands on both sides of your stomach. 

10. Incline Sprint

Incline Sprint
Credits: dummies

Jog on the treadmill for the first few seconds and then set the treadmill at 9 and speed 12. Now sprint for 12 seconds. Then take rest for 10 seconds and start to walk or jog. 

11. Renegade Rows

Renegade Rows
Credits: popsugar

Take the regular push up position. But in case of normal push up you had to maintain the balance and body weight on both the palms resting on the floor. Now you have to keep one hand on the floor and keep another hand straight above your head on the air. You have to side face the body while doing the exercise. Once you become habituated with the exercise you may carry a dumbbell in one hand that is free. 

Alternate the position and do it with the left hand as well. 

12. Russian Twist

Hiit Workout Routine for Beginners Russian Twist
Credits: popsugar

Sit on the floor by extending the legs to the front. Now assume a v position and keep the legs wide apart. Now twist from one side to another for 20 seconds. 

13. TRX Pull Up

TRX Pull Up
Credits: skimble

Though pull up needs you to keep the body strength on your hands and shoulders, TRX pulls up requires you to learn the right technique. Further, you should also closely learn the methods from a TRX trainer. 

Now sit on the floor and keep the legs apart. Then hold the TRX suspension with the help of both hands. Exhale properly and pull yourself up with the string. Try to touch your chest with the elbows. Now lower your body back.

14. Kettlebell Travelling squat 

Kettlebell Travelling squat
Credits: popsugar

Maintain a wide squat position and grab the kettlebell with two hands. Ensure to keep the spine straight and don’t push your weight down on the kettlebell. 

Now bring the left foot near to the right foot and swing the kettlebell in the upward direction. As the bell comes down, move the two legs apart from each other and go back to the original position. 

15. Side Jackknife

Side Jackknife
Credits: menshealth

Lean on the left hand by keeping it extended. Then pull the right leg and arm towards them. Then lose the right leg. Keep doing it alternatively with both legs, hands, and arms. 

If you want to burn intense fat, these exercises are amazing to try. We understand your concern that it indeed is difficult to continue doing one exercise after another without taking any rest. However, HIIT exercise is so much fruitful for this continuous exercising method.

Nevertheless, we don’t want you to start with a rush. Rather slow but steady wins the race is the ultimate motivation behind any exercise and HIIT too is no exception to that. Try out slowly, learn each exercise one by one by taking adequate time, and then do it in a continuous manner.

When you are learning the second exercise, pair it up with the first. And gradually when you are learning the 15th exercise, follow it after doing all the earlier 14th exercises. This will make you habituated and you will face no trouble. 

Also, closely observe a trainer and learn it from him or her. If you are a novice at exercise, HIIT exercise can initially cause ache and pain in your body. Further, if you do one move wrong, it can be fatal and cause you permanent disability or even death! Don’t take any risk and follow the expert’s supervision instead. 

Further, before doing any exercise, make sure to warm up so that your muscles are stress-free. Simple jog or walk on the treadmill for a minute is enough warm-up sessions for preparing your body for extensive HIIT exercise.


These HIIT workout routines are ideal for beginners. But remember that you need to continue the workout in a regular manner and cannot quit it midway. That will affect your physique. 

Try these and get the dream body you always wanted. And thank us later! 

Share your HIIT exercise experience with us. Which of these methods did you already try? Do you want to include any other exercise on our list? Comment below and let us know. 

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