How To Flatten Your Stomach

Who doesn’t love to have a sexy, flatten stomach? Not only can you wear some fancy party wears and grab eyeballs of the people, but a flat stomach can also help to sustain your health. 

However, we admit that it’s easier said than done. We understand your attempt to skip your meal, your effort in spending extra hours at the gym and we also share your grief when your tummy cannot be tucked in. 

Well, no worry. We are here to share some thought and offer you 10 pro tips on how to flatten your stomach. Read it on and thank us later! 

13 Excellent Tips on How to Flatten Your Stomach

1. Eat Less, but Regularly

Eat Less, but Regularly

Every time that you skip a meal in the hope of losing some weight, you actually gain more! Starvation is the biggest enemy in the way of attaining a flatter stomach. We suggest you to have a heavy breakfast, light lunch, normal snacks, and light dinner. Remember that everything you consume during the day hours is actually helpful for your health, while a heavy dinner mostly increases fat layers. 

Also, make it a practice to keep some time in hand after dinner and before going to sleep. You may take a light walk so that the digestion is enhanced.  Include more herbs in your diet and slack on the carbohydrate. This will bring immense change in your physique. 

2. Slack Booze

Booze is a sure weight gainer. We know how much you love to indulge into the classic red wine or get intoxicated with some exotic scotch or have some fun moment over pegs of vodka; remember, these are actually bringing you more harm than good! They contain sugar additives and pump you up. We are not asking you to evoke the nostalgia of older days when you meet your friends over a peg of champagne, but we sure suggest you not to make it a daily habit.  

3. Keep a Check on Cardio

How To Flatten Your Stomach

When you are rushing after weight loss, your body may not always permit. This is why we recommend you to keep a check on the cardio and take an adequate measure.

4. Whole Grains to the Rescue

Artificial grains have better texture and perhaps better taste but these are extremely harmful in the long run. Rely on the whole grains to bring you the dream flat stomach that you always wanted. 

5. Green Tea is Your Best Friend

Yes, we admit that Green Tea doesn’t have any taste and how much you love to drink coffee or milk tea. But trust us when we say that both these are extremely harmful to your health and your dream of getting a flat stomach will never be fulfilled if you don’t cut on these two. Be strict and drink green tea twice a day – in an empty stomach. It helps to increase metabolism and thereby advances digestion power. Thus it helps to reduce some extra calories without much effort. 

6. Mind the Sugar

How To Flatten Your Stomach

Sugar is a big no-no when it comes to getting a flat stomach. Forget gulping sugar on its own, also limit, and even try to entirely eliminate sugar from your food recipes. Though you cannot get any distinct taste of sugar in veggies, it produces an adverse result in the long run.

Make sure not to add sugar in your green tea as well. Initially, you will be a bit overwhelmed but in the long run, you will be habituated and much helped. 

Also, when we say sugar, we mean sugar-infused junk foods or sweet desserts. 

7. Control, More of It

So, now that you have followed all the points minutely, doing regular exercise, not skipping any meal, slacking booze and sugar, drinking green tea – you must want a visible result soon? But all these efforts can go in vain on your cheat day.

You are exercising and reducing a lot of calories throughout the week and a single weekend can lead you to gain all those calories, and probably some more, back! So, keep yourself in control. Consider your ultimate objective and bring self-motivation. 

8. Try Plank 

Planking is a great exercise when it comes to getting a flat stomach. Lie down by keeping your back on the upside. Now keep the body pressure on the hands and the toes that are placed on the floor. Then raise your body up and count to 10. Repeat it as many times as you can. 

But of course, do any exercise or physical activity only in an empty stomach. Otherwise, it may affect your digestive system. 

9. Jogging – Start from the Basics

Yes, jogging is clichéd and old school. But we cannot overlook the immense benefit that this single exercise can bring. We don’t say that you shouldn’t spend time in the gym and exercise with the instruments, but only a free hand jogging can power up the stomach flattening procedure.

When you are rushing to own a flat stomach, you have to reduce the entire body weight as well and jogging helps extensively in that. Further, jogging is a great warm-up exercise that you may try every morning before starting your gym session. 

10. Keep Patience

You may find this tip to be weird but perhaps this is the most crucial one. Obtaining a flat stomach is not any rocket science and you need to be patient to achieve the desired goal. Depending on your health condition and weight, you may need more or less time to get the desired result.

Also, you need proper to follow a proper diet, specific exercise and abide by other restrictions that your doctor or gym instructor suggests. Keep doing this with full dedication for some time and you are sure to get the proper result as time progresses. 

11. Good Sleep is Equal to Good Health

Good sleep also triggers the wellbeing of the body in many other ways, most importantly; it improvises a world of lifestyle factors as well. Less of sleep or irregular sleep timing can make you feel groggy, dull and irritable too. This works in the same way as to how your body reacts when you are on long hours of fasting and go without food. At one point in time, it is observed that you will be unable to remain awake and that is when your body retires and gives up completely. 

  • During sleep, the body repairs itself, restores the lost energy and thus makes you feel rejuvenated. 
  • Many active bodies function like the release of growth hormones, protein synthesis, repairing of the body tissues, muscle growth, etc. take place during sleep
  • Body metabolism reduces during sleep and thus a lot of energy is conserved while you are asleep. Thus, Sleep makes you feel better
  • A refreshing sleep boost your memory lanes by all means
  • Improper sleep increases one’s craving for food. This accounts for gaining weight too

There are many a time when most of us have modified our food habits and switched over to consuming junk food and beverages on a continuous basis. The reasons may vary but the result is the same. While consuming these junk food not only spoils your health but also invites to a long list of illnesses. 

12. Yoga

Yoga is an incredible form of keeping your body fit and healthy. It involves varied techniques and methodologies like 

  • Breathing exercises
  • Physical exercises
  • Meditation
  • Concentration exercises
  • Stretching exercises and more

Practicing yoga on a daily basis improves our mind, body, and soul tremendously. It offers you great relief from stress and anxiety-related problems. It is a great form of exercise that improvises the physical and mental health of one’s body. 

Yoga postures help to strengthen your body muscles and increases body flexibility. It helps to reduce a wide spectrum of body pains and aches. It improvises your body posture and helps tremendously to flatten your stomach.

13. Practices of Good Health

How to Flatten Your Stomach

How can one achieve good health? Switch over to consuming nutritious food on a daily basis. These include leafy vegetables, fruits, and juices. Avoid junk food like burgers and pizzas. You might want to switch to grilled food on important occasions.

Avoid fatty food products like cheese and butter. Ensure that you consume salads on a daily basis. This not only helps to detoxify your body but also improvises your skin. Avoid aerated water and alcohol. Fruit juices and more importantly, lemon works really well in detoxifying your body from impurities and harmful toxins

Stay away from medicines unless really important or upon prescription. It is seen that many a time we self-doctor ourselves for minor problems. Avoiding this helps in the long run

The secret to Good health now that we understand the importance and need of immediate shift of our daily food and routine habits, there are certain aspects that we can look into in order to obtain good health.

It is not just good food and exercise that carves optimal health but also what you need is some good sleep. Many individuals have experienced tremendous change in their bodies after switching over to getting some good sleep.

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