How to Lose Weight after 40

This is a common assumption that once you reach 40, you are already old. Your health cannot be improved anymore. Well, it’s not at all so. You can boost up your exercise routine even after 40 and lose weight. Trust us, we are not kidding. However, a rigorous keto diet and hard exercises are not for you if you are not exercising too much.

You can follow some simple yet effective tips to lose weight. Remember, losing weight doesn’t mean you have to work hard and take a lot of stress. Rather it’s the other way round. You need to keep calm, focus, and exercise dedicatedly so as to attain the desired results. 

We live in a fast-paced world where there is absolutely no time for anything and everything. Every individual is in a hurry to achieve something and thus, in this process, they fail to understand the essence of what actually is good health

Possessing good health does not mean that you are away from any kind of fatal disease or infirmity. On the contrary, it actually means that you possess a positive balance of mind, body, and soul.

Today where there is malnutrition, irregular sleep and food habits, overpopulation, pollution, environmental hazards, etc. it is quite obvious that in some way or the other our body is affected, both physically and psychologically. This is where there is a need to understand how to maintain this positive balance in life. 

Here we will offer you 15 pro tips of how you can lose weight even after 40. And no, these are not only some exercise routines. We have combined several things that will help you to get the best results. So, let’s check them out.  

How to Lose Weight After 40: 15 Ways to Burn fat

1. Don’t Skip Fruits and Veggies 

Fruits and Veggies

We cannot stress this point enough. Incorporating fruits and veggies in your diet is effective in every age. But this becomes even more important after you reach the threshold of 40 years old.

This is because your body now needs proper vitamins and minerals and simple carbohydrates will only increase your weight and pump you up. So make sure to fill almost half of your plate with veggies and fruits. Also, cut short on high sugar-filled fruits like mango or papaya. 

2. Never Skip Breakfast 

Skipping breakfast is a bad idea as it makes just the opposite of reducing your weight. Plus if you suppress your hunger for a long time it may affect your stomach. So go for some heavy breakfast like sandwiches or oats. But make sure not to eat too much oily or junk food.

3. Eat Less During Night 

Eat Less During Night

Whatever we eat after 3 pm doesn’t really help us to boost nutrition and only increases our fat. So we suggest you have a good meal at breakfast and lunch and have a light diet in the nigh. Also, make it a point to have dinner around at 8 pm so that you get some time before getting asleep. 

4. Cut Short on Wine

Cut Short on Wine

Wines are made with artificial sugar and pumps u your calorie intake. So you better slack this and rather drink tea. We know it sounds crazy and we don’t ask you to have a few pegs in a month. But regularly drinking wine can produce an adverse effect on your health and stomach. 

5. Cook Healthy 

Instead of using too much butter, oil, or eating out, try to cook at home and also try broiling, baking, and grilling. Also, cut short your intake of creamy sauce as it boosts your calorie level. Broiling is the best way to reduce weight as it doesn’t retain fat. 

You have had enough of junk food and it is now time to switch over to consuming some nutritious food that clears away the toxins and impurities from your body. This includes a mix of raw vegetables, fruits, and a liquid diet. Researchers have revealed that going on a liquid diet at least once in a week helps to detoxify the body to a great extent.

6. Get a Small Platter 

This is more of a trick than a tip. In the recent survey, we got to know that people tend to eat more if their plates are bigger. This is common psychology. When you see much of the space is empty, you tend to fill it with various items and ultimately you become fatter. So use a smaller plate. 

7. Drink Green Tea 

Green Tea

Green tea is an amazing drink to reduce your weight. Drink it every morning to enhance metabolism. This also helps to advance your digestion power, so this is a must-have if you seek to reduce your weight. You may also try drinking green tea twice daily. 

8. Say No to Red Meat 

Red meat is perhaps the greatest enemy to hinder your every effort to lose weight. Not only does it increase weight but it also produces a negative impact on your BP and heart rate. This is even more disturbing after the age of 40 since your health is already on the weaker side. Hence we suggest you not increase your cholesterol rate by consuming red meat. 

9. Jogging Is the Key


We know jogging is clichéd but it’s still classic and the cult favorite for many. Make sure to get yourself some time in the morning and jog in a green park. This will increase your breathing power, oxygen intake and also reduce your weight with regular practice. 

10. Laugh Some More 

Are you becoming more grave and serious with all the responsibilities that you have to take with age? Well, while it’s only normal, we don’t recommend you to stay frowned all the time. Watch comedy movies, start-up comedies, meet your friends, and take some time to laugh.

Believe us or not, but recent studies reveal that laughing really reduces your weight. Why let go of such an easy process to reduce weight!

11. Get Proper Sleep 


This is another significant part. Sleeping properly for at least 7 to 8 hours daily is important for your health. It helps to boost your digestion power as well as keeps all the organs active. Sleep properly in a relaxed way and keep your weight in check. 

How to Get Good Sleep?

  • In order to enjoy good health, it is imperative to set your sleep time and adhere to it by all means. 
  • Try retiring to bed early and waking up early in the morning
  • Begin to wind up your work, extra-curricular activities or watching television, etc. at least 45 minutes before your set sleep time
  • If your mind is active still, then it is always advisable to make a to-do list and sleep peacefully.

12. Less Sweets

We know how much you love to consume desserts. But this is one of the greatest obstacles in your way of getting the dream figure. So consume less amount of sweets if you cannot entirely cut it. Also, use less sugar while cooking.

13. Hit Gym

How to Lose Weight After 40 Gym

Talk to your gym instructor to learn the best moves for your age and health condition. But regularly hitting the gym is a must.

14. Free Hand Exercise

How to Lose Weight After 40 Yoga

If you don’t have time to hit the gym or want better results, try doing some easy freehand exercises in the empty stomach especially in the morning. This significantly helps to flatten your stomach.

Yoga is touted to be one of the holistic interventions to achieve good health and has been into practice for ages now. There are many forms of yoga positions that help the human body in different ways.

Yoga is also considered to help your body muscles to stretch and become flexible. It helps in improvising your breathing power, rejuvenates and gives energy to your body, decreases the amount of sluggishness and improvises varied other problems like constipation, cold, heaviness in the head, body pains, women related problems, etc. to name a few. Daily meditation and yoga for an hour are one of the best ways to remain healthy. 

15. Keep your Thyroid in Check 

Thyroid is one of the most important reasons behind your fat and the chance of thyroid getting increased is more enhanced as you age. So better check with your doctor and keep thyroid in check.

Follow these simple tips and get your dream figure in no time. Good health, a positive frame of mind, peaceful sleep, smile, and happiness are all factors that contribute to living a beautiful life. However, to be able to achieve these factors, your body needs to be fit and there where the importance of fitness comes into the picture. 

Fitness and Good Health

Fitness helps your body in several different ways. From building stamina and energy to stay slim and trim, fitness contributes in a great way towards body endurance and flexibility to enjoy life.

You can take up any physical activities on a daily basis like swimming, an hour of brisk walking, cycling, jogging, dance, gym, yoga, aerobics to name a few and this would bring a remarkable change in your life. So, what are you waiting for?

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