Morning exercise

Morning exercises are a great way to start your day right. Simple exercises are suitable for people of any gender and age. In order for the body to remain in good shape, and to maintain youth and health longer, morning exercises should be done daily.

The modern rhythm of life in an urban environment is associated with a sedentary lifestyle, hence many health problems that were previously characteristic only of the elderly. Exercising in the morning will improve metabolism and help energize. The body will get used to moderate physical activity and the person will be vigorous and active all day.

What happens to the body

warm up for exercise

With movements of the body, arms, legs, the activity of the heart and blood vessels improves, the functioning of the nervous and respiratory systems is normalized. Daily exercise will help you develop correct posture and help your spine. In the morning, a person does not differ in the speed of reactions and active mental activity, because at night all these indicators decrease for good sleep. Gymnastics helps you wake up, get yourself working and recharge your batteries.

Even small but regular physical activity will have a positive effect on muscle tone, digestive tract and blood circulation. Activity will be useful to any person, saturating the body with oxygen, you can slow down the aging process. There are contraindications to exercise: increased body temperature, problems with blood pressure.

The effectiveness of gymnastics for any age


Gymnastics for adults. Especially useful for inactive lifestyle, as well as for those who suffer from frequent mental stress, drowsiness. Exercise provides a whole range of benefits:

  • prevention of atherosclerosis;
  • saturating the brain with oxygen, improving concentration and attention;
  • body weight control;
  • increased immunity;
  • strengthening the heart muscle;
  • prevention against scoliosis and osteochondrosis.

A set of exercises will help get rid of the feeling of weakness, irritability, which are the result of lack of movement, and will cheer you up.

For children, morning exercises will also bring many benefits:

  • developing healthy lifestyle habits;
  • cheerfulness, good mood for the whole day;
  • strengthening muscles;
  • improvement of physical activity;
  • usefulness of physical development;
  • improving brain activity.

children exercise

In the morning must be done for the elderly, the set of exercises may differ, but the main thing here is regularity. Exercising will improve metabolism, help prevent joint problems and muscle thinning, and:

  • improve mood and well-being;
  • will affect the strengthening of bones, spine;
  • normalizes the work of the heart, blood vessels, respiratory organs;
  • will improve the functioning of the vestibular apparatus, which will increase the coordination of movements.

The whole set of exercises does not take longer than 15 minutes, but it has great benefits for humans.

How to do exercises correctly

correct exercise

Morning exercises are especially effective in saturating the body with oxygen in a ventilated area, it is great if there is an opportunity to exercise in the fresh air. Clothes and footwear should be correctly selected without restriction of movement. All exercises should be performed smoothly with alternating inhalation and exhalation. It is good to perform movements with dynamic music. Eating before classes is excluded, but after waking up you need to drink a glass of water at room temperature.

Usually, the complex is divided into three parts: warm-up, basic exercises and stretching. To warm up, you need to stretch from side to side, smoothly turn your head to the left, right, tilt your body, gently rotate your hands clockwise and counterclockwise. Such exercises are necessary for kneading muscles. The main part is selected at will, you can focus on the load of one part of the body, the next day on another, or use universal exercises:

  • Squats;
  • swing legs;
  • bends with the touch of the fingers of the floor;
  • lunges in turn with the left and right leg.

For a healthy adult, you can include abdominal exercises, push-ups. Each exercise is repeated 6 to 10 times. In conclusion, the last part is performed with muscle stretching and breathing normalization. It is better to finish gymnastics by taking water procedures, a contrast shower. The set of exercises must be alternated so that the body does not get used to monosyllables and to the same movements. The effect of gymnastics will not be long in coming, especially if you gradually increase the load. You will catch fewer colds, smile more often, feel positive and keep all body systems in excellent condition.