Metabolism Boosting Foods

So, you are trying too hard to lose some calories but all of your efforts are going in vain? You are not seeing any visible results?

The problem perhaps is with your diet. If you are consuming too much carb-rich food or such food that is only pumping you up without producing any desired result.

And it’s time to change that! Boosting metabolism produces a positive impact on your digestion power and in turn, you can easily reduce some extra calories and stay fit for a long time.

Here we will mention 15 metabolism boosting foods that can help you to reduce weight.

So, let’s check them out.

1. Lentils 

Iron is one of the most important minerals that your body requires. Over 20% of women and many men are lacking iron and thereby suffering from several diseases in the long run. Lentils are one of the metabolism boosting foods enriched with iron.

This helps to enhance the procedure of burning calories more effectively. Iron propagates the oxygen flow across your body and thereby energizes your metabolism power.

In fact, a single cup of lentils can offer about 35% of daily iron requirements along with fiber and protein.

Lentils - Metabolism boosting foods
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2. Cruciferous Vegetable

Cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels and broccoli possess several essential nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin B, and calcium that boost metabolism power. These are also enriched with enormous water and fiber content that is a combination to enhance the ability of your body to burn more fat.

However, not to deep fry these foods as it will only increase your calories. Rather you may try to grill, bake, or make a soup with these. Try these at your breakfast or lunch and see yourself burning fat extensively.

Cruciferous Vegetable
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3. Beans

When we say beans we mean red or black ones and not refried ones. These beans are amazing metabolism boosting foods that are enriched with vital fiber.

These also lower the insulin level once you finish eating and if you continue to eat for some time, it will help to improve your insulin sensitivity. As a result, you will see that your body is storing less amount of fat.

B vitamins and zinc available in beans help to boost testosterone. These help to enhance energy and thereby build some calorie-burning muscles.

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4. Lean Meats

While red meat is a big no-no in your metabolism-boosting journey, lean meats help to boost your metabolism power.

Your body works even harder as digesting protein available in lean meats helps to digest fat and carbohydrate.

Eating lean meats just like white meat turkey and chicken helps to speed up metabolism just because these require excessive energy to get completely digested.

Again, the protein enriched in it helps to preserve the muscle mass present in your body to keep the metabolism at its best. 

Lean Meats
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5. Berries 

If you are thinking that berries can only increase your sugar intake then you are going wrong. These are extremely beneficial to boost your metabolism and stabilize the glucose content.

Thereby these help to decrease the content of fat in your body. Consuming red berries also have a positive result on the cardiovascular organs. 

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6. Oats 

Well, this is no brainer. Made of whole grains, oats help to keep the level of insulin low as you eat these.

They also help to prevent blood sugar which in turn could make your body store harmful fat.

They are also enriched with essential fiber that can boost up metabolism power. Just as the body breaks the fiber, the calorie is also reduced.

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7. Citrus Fruit

Citrus fruits such as grapefruits and lemons are amazing for digestion. These are quite low in sugar and also contain antioxidants.

The antioxidant also helps to reduce blood sugar after having a meal. The vitamin c helps to make your body to metabolize the fat content even faster.

These fruits also add a tangy flavor in your salad, so you can always add them to spice up your taste buds.

Further, these fruits can be consumed on their own, even when you are at your workplace. These are great as mouth freshener so you get to have two benefits at once!

What more can you ask for?

Citrus Fruit
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8. Hot Peppers

Spicy foods that are already enriched with natural chemicals boost up the metabolism power of your body.

For example, capsaicin, the compound which helps to create the peppers to turn hot – specifically helps to burn the body fat and keeps you energized all day long. If you cannot handle spicy chilly red pepper, no worry.

A little bit of cayenne too can boost your metabolism power up to 25% for the next three hours of consuming it. These also curb your hunger so it is helpful to reduce your weight in that way as well. 

Hot Peppers
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9. Cinnamon 

Various spices such as cayenne pepper are famous to speed up your metabolism power. ut cinnamon is helpful in a weird way. Are you wondering why we said it to be weird?

Because cinnamon curbs your craving for sweet desserts which are the storehouse for calories.

Thus it helps to balance your body weight, blood sugar and also improves your sensitivity to insulin. Simply replace your dessert with cinnamon and you can reduce the post-meal hike in blood sugar.

You may even add cinnamon to make homemade desserts to derive benefits while having sweet dishes.

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10. Garlic 

Garlic produces a healthy metabolism while also balancing the body sugar. Several research surveys reveal that consuming garlic can enhance the amount of calories burned throughout the day.

Thus it helps to decrease the production of fat in your body. However, if you are concerned with the bad smell of garlic, we got you covered.

You may use a mouth freshener to get rid of the pungent smell. Also, if you can make it a practice to bite one or two pieces of garlic, but if you are unable to do that, then you may cook your meal with garlic.

This will enhance the taste of the food while also providing you proper nutrients and boost metabolism and help to reduce your weight.

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11. Whole Grains 

We cannot stress this point enough. The fatty acid present in the whole grains helps to release hormone and leptin so as to trigger you to eat less. Thus it keeps you full for a long time without having to go hungry.

And thereby you can reduce weight more effectively. The high amount of fiber slows down the release of blood sugar and also evens out the spikes of insulin. Thus it helps to provide you excess energy that is required to boost digestion.

Whole Grains - best metabolism boosting foods
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12. Coconut Oil 

Give your regular mustard oil and rice oil a break and use coconut oil instead. Enriched with antibacterial and antiviral properties, coconut oil propagates a healthy balance to advance the amount of good bacteria in your body. Thus it also helps to burn fat and increase good fat to keep you healthy and fit.

Coconut oil comes with a medium-chain of fats that help to boost your metabolism. Therefore this is far better to consume coconut oil instead of butter that is enriched with long-chain fat.

Coconut Oil
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13. Nuts

Enriched with high protein content, nuts are helpful to burn fat. So give the old school traditional ideas that nuts are only there to pump you up. Nuts, on the other hand, help to advance your digestion power.

These are also enriched with low glycemic vitamins that help to keep your blood sugar in check and stable manner. The best part of nuts is they keep you filled for a longer time.

You can simply have one or two chewing while at work. These are easy to carry and you don’t have to necessarily add it into the main meal.

However, we don’t recommend you to eat too many nuts since anything in excess produces an adverse effect and nuts are no exception to that.

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14. Seeds 

Seeds like flax seeds and hemp seeds are an amazing source of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids.

Both of these fatty acids are amazing to reduce inflammation while also improving the blood flow to your muscles. Thus seeds help to enhance metabolism power to full gear.

Just mix some seeds and nuts together and keep some going on in your mouth now and then.

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15. Oily fish 

If you are thinking of oily fish simply increases your body weight, then let us tell you that you are solely wrong in this.

Oily fish like herring, tuna, and salmon are enriched with essential omega 3 fatty acids. This acid helps to reduce resistance to leptin – the hormone which plays a key role in deciding the speed in which your body fat may get burnt.

Further, these also keep the blood sugar in check and lowers down inflammation. These help to keep the metabolism regulated. So, incorporate it into your meal and you won’t regret.

Oily Fish
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So, it’s time to include these in your meal and boost your metabolism power.