Stretches for Lower Back

Though stretching is usually considered as a warm-up before starting exercise, little do we know that stretching itself is an amazing exercise. Not only that, there are several types of stretches and it doesn’t simply indicate relaxing the muscles of hands and legs. 

Most often people feel back pain and try several types of exercise. They end up spending a lot of bucks in the gym but some simple stretching can effectively reduce lower back. 

For that, you need to have comprehensive knowledge about various types of stretching to get rid of the lower back. This is why we have brought 10 best stretches that are suitable for the lower back. No matter whether you are facing such trouble at your back or not, go through the following passages and learn these pro stretching tips.

You never know when a back pain springs up, so it’s better to know these exercises beforehand. Also, save this article and go through it once again when you are facing such issues. 

Anyway, without further ado, let’s delve deeper. 

10 Exercise and Stretches for Lower Back

1. Lower Tummy Straightening

Stretches for Lower Back

Lower tummy muscles are important parts of your body and you must take care of these. So let’s start with such stretching. 

Lie down on your back by keeping both your hands on either side. Now bring the right knee toward the chest and count to five. Remember, you need to maintain regular breathing while doing this exercise. As you become habituated you may try to count till 10 but make sure not to strain your breathing. 

Alternate the stretching with the left knee and follow the same procedure. Take rest for a few seconds after doing the exercise for a round. 

2. Abdominal Stretching 

Stretches for Lower Back Abdominal Stretching
Credits: popsugar

Abdominal stretching is another crucial stretching exercise.  Lie on your back and make sure to keep a small cushion beneath your head. Now bend the knees and keep a certain distance between the feet resting on the floor. Now slowly chin down and take a deep breath and hold it. 

Count to 10 and then slowly exhale. This not only helps in strengthening the abdomen muscle but also a great exercise to flatten your tummy. Also, it helps in removing any breathing trouble. Make sure to try this exercise in an empty stomach as it will create pressure on the abdomen. 

3. Bird Dog

Stretches for Lower Back
Credits: popsugar

Bird dog is a great exercise and it is just what the name suggests. You have to assume a position where you look like somewhat like a mixture of a bird and a dog. If you are confused at reading this, relax, we will explain it properly. 

Sit on both the knees and keep your shoulder straight. Now stretch your one hand toward the front and one hand toward the back. Make sure that when you are stretching right leg, stretch the right hand as well. Now place the body weight and maintain the body balance on the left knee and left hand that are placed on the floor. Alter the position after one round and try the exercise with the other hand and leg. 

However, if you have knee pain, it’s better not to try this exercise since it produces a pressure on the knee.

4. Bridge

In this exercise, the chance of back ache getting reduce is significant. Learn what you have to do. 

Lie on your back on the mat and then gradually push your lower part of the body and raise it from the floor. Make sure to place the two hands on either side of the body on the floor. Keep the two legs on the floor and make adequate gap between two feet to keep a balance. Also, rest your head on the floor. 

We don’t recommend you to try this stretching on the first go if your body weight is excessively high. Because, it may affect your neck and you cannot maintain the entire body balance only on the hands and legs. 

5. Pelvic Tilt

Pelvic Tilt
Credits: healthline

This exercise apparently produces no significant change from the initial and the ultimate position but that doesn’t mean the exercise has no significance. So, you must try this one.

All you have to do is to lie down on the floor. Now give a push from the upper part of the body to the lower by slightly creating an arch with the body. Make sure that your feet are placed on the floor in a V angle. Tilt your head slightly while pushing the upper body part toward the lower so as to create the arch smoothly. 

6. Lower Back Stretch 

Stretches for Lower Back
Credits: h-wave

This is a great stretching exercise. Assume the bird dog position as mentioned above but here you don’t have to stretch the hand and leg. After assuming the position, make an arch by placing your hands in front of you and now extend the hand and lower down your head to touch the floor. Automatically your stomach will be pushed inside and your back will be raised. 

Other than being a stretching exercise for the lower back, this is also a great exercise to reduce your extended belly. 

7. Leg Stretch 

Leg Stretch
Credits: greatist

Apparently, this is an easy stretching exercise, but it has an immense effect on your health. Lie on your back and place your feet on the floor. Now stretch one leg upwards and grab your foot with two hands.

This will produce an effect on both parts of your body. Firstly your leg will be stretched and your hand and back will also be stretched while grabbing the foot. 

Alter the same stretching exercise with another leg. 

8. Piriformis Stretch 

Piriformis Stretch
Credits: sportsinjuryclinic

This is a bit difficult stretching, and you should try this exercise when you become a pro at other exercises. 

Lie down on your back and extend one leg forward. Now bend another leg and place it on the stretched leg. Grab both the legs with two hands so that the balance is maintained and the legs do not slip from one another. 

9. Hip Stretch 

Stretches for Lower Back

It’s a good way to start hip stretch from adolescence and if you are yet to try this, you should start it right now. This is immensely helpful in reducing lower back pain and also helps you to maintain good posture. 

Place one knee on the floor and then keep another foot in front of it. Keep your hands at either side of your waist and maintain a straight body. 

10. Spine Stretch 

Spine Stretch
Credits: verywellfit

This may be a bit too aggressive for acute back pain but if you have mild ache, you can try it. 

Lie down on your back and then stretch both the hands on either side of your body. Now bend both the legs and move from one side to another. This helps to relax the lower back muscles and offer you great relief. 


All these stretching exercises are great to try at home and you must try them to get rid of lower backache. No more do you have to waste your hard-earned money on random gyms or buying fancy instruments when you can easily try these freehand stretching exercises right at your home. 

However, we don’t recommend you to try these stretching exercises without proper supervision. Make sure to follow a professional expert’s guidance and try these exercises in front of her. This will help the professionals to rectify you if you are making a wrong move. Remember, the back muscles and bones are extremely sensitive and a little mistake can cause fatal results like paralysis or even death! So you must not take that risk at any cost! 

Also, if you are facing lower back pain, we don’t at all suggest you to start doing these stretching exercises randomly. These exercises are indeed effective in reducing your back pain but you need to check with a doctor first.

Only a doctor and a physician can properly diagnose the problem and suggest a proper cure. He or she may suggest some particular exercises to try that are mentioned here and you can take an idea of those exercises from the above-mentioned passages. Also, he or she may advise you to take some medicines that will help you to cure faster.

After your pain is healed, you can always try these exercises at home and stay fit and fine without falling ill once again. But for the first time, or during the initial phase of critical pain, medication is important and mandatory for the sufferers. 

Though we have mentioned that these stretching exercises are great to heal or reduce backache, does it mean that you should not try these and wait for the backache to occur? Not at all! You can always try these after checking with a supervisor.

Only a supervisor can suggest which stretching exercises are ideal for a certain age or bodyweight or a health condition. Start doing these exercises right since your adolescence or whenever you have come across this article and eliminate the chance of having backache at all. These stretching exercises are cost-effective yet extremely fruitful to keep you fit and fine.

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