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Are you looking to up your workout game? Are you fed up with the same old exercises with little improvement in your body’s physique anymore? It could be that your body has become used to the workout routines you usually perform and that it is time to shake it up a bit.

We are going to discuss how a superset workout can help you to reawaken your muscles and give them the jump start they need to get back into optimum condition. But what is a superset and how do you implement it into your workout? 

What Is A Superset? 

what is a superset

A superset, simply put, is a pair of exercises that separately work certain parts of the body. But when put together, this duo of movements condition the whole body and get your heart pumping.

The name? A Superset. Normally combining a weight element and a cardio element, these two exercises should be performed quickly with little to no rest as you transition through the two moves. 

When Should I Do A Superset? 

This depends on your fitness levels and what you want to achieve out of a superset but there are two ways in which you can use a superset to help with your exercise regime. Firstly, you can use several supersets together to create rounds. Repeating these rounds several times creates a full workout that conditions your whole body. 

The second way you can use supersets is to use them after a gym session or weight training session. This is when supersets can be used to awaken your muscles and tone them more effectively, especially after static weightlifting. 

The third way you can use supersets is when you want to target a specific part of the body. Say for example you want to work on your biceps; you could perform 10 x wide armed pull-ups followed by 10 x push-ups.

Working for a single muscle group in two different exercises (one after the other) will help to build them differently but still give the overall effect of growing muscle. This method is most popular with weight trainers and isn’t always suitable when you try to put two cardio exercises together as it just becomes HIIT. 

So think that supersets could be for you? We have some simple supersets and some full superset workouts for you to try.

Simple Supersets

Superset 1: 10 x Burpees, 10 x Crunches

This cardio superset will torch every muscle in your body. Doing them hard and fast will ensure that your body is burning fat at an optimum rate. For maximum effect try doing the crunches in super quick time. 

Superset 2: 10 x Russian Twist, 10 x Jumping Jacks

For this superset, you will need a medicine ball or weight of some form on hand. Remember to incline until you feel your core engage before you start twisting.

Holding your breath is a bad form so make sure you exhale as you twist. For the jumping jacks, try to get as much air as possible and move your arms in purposeful movements. 

Superset 3: 10 x Push Ups, 10 x Squats

Simple but effective exercises, these movements when put together will help to burn calories and give an overall body workout. For more input to the arms, try using some light dumbbells while squatting. The lightweight should be enough to engage your biceps while you work on your legs. 

Superset 4: 10 x Dumbbell Press (Single Arm), 10 x Mountain Climbers

For this superset, you are going to need a dumbbell. It is up to you whether you choose to lie down and do a dumbbell press form the floor or if you dumbbell raises from your shoulder. Remember to do 10 for each arm and not to rest before you go into mountain climbers. 

Complete Superset Workouts

Superset 5

Round 1 – 10 x Bench Press, 15 x Kettlebell Swings

Round 2 – 10 x Dumbbell Press (10 per arm), 15 x Burpees

Round 3 – 20 x Plank, 20 x Goblet Squat

Round 4 – 10 x Reverse Lunge (per leg), 10 x Deadlift (Barbell or Kettlebell)

This workout will need additional equipment such as dumbbells and a kettlebell or barbell so be sure to have those at the ready (and safety checked, you’re going to be moving onto them rapidly). Each round should be completed 4 times before moving onto the next one.

Give yourself 2 minutes of rest time if required before moving onto the next round. Remember that the correct form is crucial because reps of poorly formed exercises will decrease your tone rather than increase it. 

Superset 6

Credits: Womendailymagazine

Round 1 – 10 x Sumo Squats, 15 x Single Arm Rows 

Round 2 – 15 x Chest Press, 15 x Seated Fly’s

Round 3 – 15 x Bicep Curls, 15 x Lateral Lunges

Round 4 – 15 Jack-knives, 15 x Reverse Crunches

Again you will need some extra weights with this complete body toning superset workout. As above, complete the sets in the rounds 4 times before moving onto the next round. If you want to increase the intensity of this workout even more then add another 10 reps on to each superset.

Try to go as fast as you can without losing your form and remember to engage as many muscles as you can throughout the whole workout. 

Whether you are looking for a complete body workout or you are just looking for a way to round off your weight training workouts then it is worth considering supersets. If you don’t think the above supersets are right for you then you can always try to create your own.

All you will need is two exercises that work completely different parts of the body and combine them into one superset. Then, perform the exercises one after the other without resting in between.

If you’re feeling really brave you could perform the reps as 1 and 1 of each exercise, just remember to be careful and not to overdo it. 

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